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No calming nature playlists necessary – you’re soothed by the actual chatter of local wildlife and trees swaying in the breeze, because half the room is exposed to the elements.

Whether you’re looking to sample a few of Sri Lanka’s traditional Ayurvedic treatments (perfect for relaxation and balancing), have just given birth or need specific attention for a sports injury or problem area, there are dozens of massages and treatments to choose from. Tech is banned from public areas, and you immediately feel the difference.

Sri Lanka is an extremely hot country, most of the time – but the climate in the mountains is more chilled out, and genius air vents in every room mean you enjoy natural air conditioning that never leaves you freezing at 3am. Start in the steam room and cedar wood sauna, complete with a glass wall looking onto emerald paddy fields and the Knuckles mountain range.

Next, try the open-air, thermal salt soak pool (we shared our dip with a cute but very loud frog) then float over to a treatment room.

Convicted offenders may face a lengthy jail sentence.

This isn’t your typical waiting room situation – you’re seen in a special room within the beautiful spa, where your mental and physical health is quickly examined.

If you are detained, you should ask the authorities to contact the British High Commission.

Same-sex relations are illegal but the FCO is not aware of any prosecutions.

Whether you’re here to lose weight, detox, start a new fitness regime or just chill the F out, there are specific meal plans and incredible spa treatments to make it happen.

Sceptics, listen up - this isn’t the start of an impossible crash diet, or finding holiday zen that’ll disappear the moment you step on the plane home.

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