New celebrity dating show the choice

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New celebrity dating show the choice

Then Deeley will pose a challenge question to the final two contestants.The winners get to go on one date with their celebrity.In the finals, Deeley poses a challenge question to the team's final two.Celebrities get the final choice between their two contestants before the "dream date." "The Choice," which will be filmed in front of a live audience, will also feature celebrity bachelorettes. ET on Fox) When a corpse is found in the middle of the woods, the team links the victim to two families that have been feuding for almost a century.— contestants in blind auditions for a quartet of celebrity judges who are seated in spinning chairs.

Other famous “bachelors” on the show include Pauly D, Rob Kardashian and The Situation.So, yes, famous faces will audition their potential love interests, making a contestant’s hidden physical appearance potentially quite relevant to the celebrity in the power seat.Fox is not ready to announce the participating celebrities, but we can reveal the show’s host will be Cat Deeley, pulling double duty while hosting seems like an obvious title because you have to make a choice,” Darnell says, then playfully adds: “I’m just now realizing it rhymes!According to :“In each episode, four celebrities sit in spinning chairs and listen to non-famous prospective dates pitch themselves.Over the course of three rounds, the contestant pool is paired down until each celebrity has chosen their date for the evening .”…

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has lined up a list of famous bachelors and bachelorettes to audition sexy singles in prime time.

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